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How PowerFeedback Works

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Get a glimpse of the benefits of PowerFeedback with our free plan. We don't ask for any payment info for you to give it a try, and it only takes a few minutes to signup and create your first widget.

Once you've gotten the hang of PowerFeedback and seen how it can help your business grow, you might want to view our pricing plans.

  • No payment info needed to Signup
  • Create a widget with the click of a button.
  • Get up to 20 responses for free when you choose the free plan.

Create a widget

Click the blue "Add Widget" button in your dashboard to build a feedback widget that you can easily add to any page on your website. Widgets can be made easily in just one minute.

  • You can change the text of your widget according to your service or product.
  • The text can even be updated after publication.
  • If you can't figure out what to say, don't worry. We've included some general and well-written defaults for each part of the widget.

Add your widget to your website

When you've finished creating your widget, we provide you with a tag that you can copy and paste into your website. Just copy the text, in the form of an HTML tag, and paste it wherever you'd like on your website. If you are worried about any technical issues or feel uncomfortable pasting the code yourself, please consult with your website's administrator.

  • Reports are created for each widget and show feedback from your customers.
  • If there is a negative comment, you'll be notified directly via email so you and your team can tackle the issue quickly.
  • Allows you to improve customer satisfaction by improving pages and services based on customer feedback!

This is an example of our feedback widget. Give it a try!

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